We offer you the possibility to take part in four different interesting workshops. More detailed descriptions will follow.

3.1 Cellular Stress Test Workshop:

Gain insight into assessing cellular stress in cultured cells through various methods. Master essential techniques to capture core parameters indicative of stress. Learn to interpret stress assay results effectively, discerning their implications for cell health and function. This workshop provides a comprehensive understanding in the basics of cellular stress testing, empowering participants to explore the dynamic responses of cells under different stress conditions.

3.2 Immunohistochemistry:

Discover the power of immunohistochemistry (IHC) in assessing cellular stress levels within tissues. Learn to select and optimize antibodies to visualize stress-related proteins effectively. Master tissue preparation techniques and staining protocols to ensure high-quality IHC results. You will explore the versatility of IHC in studying cellular stress responses.

3.3 Bioinformatics / Data Science:

Embark on a journey into the world of bioinformatics and its application in immunological research. Learn the fundamental basics of sequence analysis, gene expression data analysis, and statistical techniques. Discover tools and databases essential for interpreting complex biological data sets. This workshop equips participants with the necessary skills to navigate and analyze large-scale biological data sets, fostering a deeper understanding of immunological processes.

3.4 Application of Immunofluorescent Techniques:

Dive into the realm of immunofluorescence. Learn to select and validate fluorescently labeled antibodies for precise analysis of tissues.